Based in Northamptonshire, UK, my passion for photography began in the mid 1970's in the West Midlands when my late Grandmother introduced me to her Kodak Brownie 44a. I recall day trips to the seaside with this camera in hand, loading the rolls of 127 film, silently clicking away, pouring the sand out of it on the way home. Half asleep and exhausted, sat in the back of my Dad's old Pontiac Parisienne V8 and wondering what delights lay inside the magic box as I slowly nodded off to the sound of the road. I still have that camera today and i'm happy to report it still works, testament to the simple build of the times back then, and yes when my Father passed it on to me recently there was the obligatory pile of sand in there.


Photography is about capturing memories, preserving the all too fleeting moments and with digital, suddenly everyones a photographer.  You can have as many attempts at creating the perfect image as you like (memory card etc permitting) and I I fell hard for this in late 2000 and with the upcoming arrival of my first Son in 2001 there seemed to be no better choice for capturing every burp and smile. The freedom digital bought me helped me learn massively regarding the technical capabilities of cameras.  I shot digital for years, still own digital cameras and have the greatest respect for all great photographers regardless of their weapon of choice however towards 2010 I started to feel that I wasn't challenging myself anymore.  I felt I had been spoilt, i'd gotten lazy and needed to revisit what it was that made photography so enticing in the first place. The smell of the film, the taking a chance and not knowing how things would pan out until you got your roll back, the light leaks, I could go on, oh, and not forgetting all those beautiful classic cameras that i'd always longed to own. Making the jump back to film forced me to take a more measured approach, limiting me in some respects but pushing me in others. Lets face it, film and the processing of it is an expensive game but by following the old adage of only ever taking one shot of a subject, I have grown as a photographer and learnt to appreciate once again the reasons why I was so smitten all those years ago when I first held that Kodak Brownie 44a in my hand at the English seaside, held my breath and clicked...

Rob T Stanier

 RobTStanier - 35mm Film Photography